Past Winners

2020 Winners

School Name Teacher Advisor Project Name
Robert Frost Middle School Sue Murphy Let it grow
Langley High School Suzanne Chinn DIVVY
George Washington Middle School Kelly Haisfield Reducing Waste by Recycling
Eastern Middle School Tanya Rowe Eastern Cutlery Organization
George Washington Middle School Jessica Owens Lead in Water
Rachel Carson Middle School Kirk Treakle The Bluebird Boxes
Lanier Middle School Faiza Alum A Fast, Classed, Unsurpassed Filter
George Washington Middle School Jessica Owens Erosion and Water Pollution
Marriotts Ridge High School Karen Luniewski Eradicating Invasive Species and Introducing Native Plants in Garden
Kenmore Middle School Dottie Lydon Seed Vending Machine

2019 Winners

First Place Finalists Lanier Middle School
First Place Finalists Lanier Middle School
Final Place Award Project School Name
1 $1,000 Revitalizing Our Bioretention Cell Lanier Middle School
2 $900 Bioswale Kent Island Middle School
3 $800 Rain Garden Rachel Carson
4 $700 Utensil-Packet-Replacement Kenmore Middle School
5 $600 Alternative to Rock Salt Frost Middle School
6 $500 The Invasion of the Koi at Lake Anne Dogwood Elementary School
7 $450 Students Water Conservation Society George Washington Middle School
8 $400 Life Saver Solutions School Without Walls at Francis Stevens
9 $350 Project Nature Berlin Intermediate School
10 $300 Recycling Electronics and Batteries Kenmore Middle School