New Volunteer

Volunteer tasks and assignments come in all skill levels and time commitments, such as helping tabulate scores or mentoring contestants. The more people that volunteer, the better this experience will be for the students – click here to register.

Watershed Ambassador

CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS offers students an opportunity to consult with qualified community members who are supportive and knowledgeable about the program and local environmental issues.

Occurs October to March

Teachers, students and/or teams can request a Watershed Ambassador to:

  • give a classroom presentation on the contest
  • explain issues and concerns in the local environment
  • help the student and/or team brainstorm solutions to a local watershed issue
  • provide feedback on contest entry ideas
  • provide support to finalists

Watershed Ambassadors are volunteer community members. Requests will be met based on availability of the volunteers. Click here to register as a volunteer.

Contact your local Program Coordinator to request a Watershed Ambassador!

Contest Volunteer

In addition to Watershed Ambassadors, there are other volunteer tasks and assignments that come in all skill levels and time commitments.

The more people that volunteer, the better this experience will be for the students.

Feedback Reviewer
All entries that do not make the finals should receive constructive feedback. Volunteers review the entries, enter their feedback electronically and return their comments to their local Program Coordinator, who notifies the students.

Finalist Consultant 

Prior to the finals, volunteers can provide presentation tips to help finalists understand what the judges are looking for and work with a team to improve and expand upon their idea.

Content and Verbal Judges 

There are 3 steps involved in the content and verbal judging: Step A: Pre-sort good and poor entries; Step B: Judge written proposals; and Step C: Final verbal competition. Judges should have an understanding of the community, watershed and local environmental issues. 


Contact your local Program Coordinator