Project Implementation

Student’s ideas have value and CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS is proud to support them as they turn theoretical ideas into realistic solutions.

All students are encouraged to implement their ideas in their local watersheds.

Nutrien will sponsor one-half of the implementation costs (up to a maximum of $1,000.00) and the classroom is expected to obtain outside funding for the remaining amount.

For example:

  • Cost of Implementation $800 – Nutrien funds $400.
  • Cost of Implementation $2500 – Nutrien funds $1000.

Contract Details

To receive funding for project implementation from CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS, a project description, budget, timeline and proof of sponsorship must be received by the Program Coordinator by September 31 of the year the finalist competed. A contract will be signed by participating students to use the money for the intended purpose.

Contact your local Program Coordinator for more information.

Industry Action

Nutrien is proud to announce a US$1 million donation to the Ducks Unlimited Canada Legacy Wetland Restoration Program.

Nutrien asked themselves the same question that students are asked to answer: What can you do to improve your watershed?

CattailsAs a leading manufacturer of plant nutrients, Nutrien supports nutrient stewardship and Best Management Practices. This means nutrients are applied in the right amount, right place, right time and right product (read more about Sustainable Agriculture Practices here). Working with growers, Nutrien teaches them how nutrients can be best applied to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and losses to water.

When Best Management Practices are not followed, excess nutrients can enter the waterways. Excess nutrients in waterways can lead to increased algae and plant growth, which can decrease the water oxygen levels and can potentially harm water species.

  • The research – wetlands filter nutrients before they enter major lakes and rivers.
  • The concern – years of activities on the land (such as land development, agriculture and recreation) has destroyed, removed or altered the natural state of wetlands.
  • The solution – restore the wetlands so the natural process of filtration can occur once again!


Between 2009 and 2012, Nutrien is donating US$250,000 a year to restore and conserve wetlands.

Nutrien’s donation will be used to purchase habitat in DUC’s waterfowl target areas across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The wetlands and uplands will then be restored, and a conservation easement will be placed on the habitat to protect it forever. Conservation easements stay with the land, regardless of who owns it. The land, once restored and protected, will be resold. Revenues from the sale of the land will be reinvested into a new purchase and the entire process will begin again – creating a legacy of wetland restoration projects.

“We all have to be doing more. In today’s environment, compliance is not enough. We look for ways in which we can grow responsibly by protecting the environment as we manage the rest of our business,” explains Mike Wilson President and Chief Executive Officer of Nutrien “We work in partnership with organizations like DUC to maximize the potential of existing assets that contribute to environmental well-being.”

DUC and Nutrien are currently looking at purchasing land for the first Wetland Restoration project. Stay tuned for periodic updates on this million-dollar wetland restoration program.