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Water Depletion

2010 Milk River, Alberta, Canada
Maya Degrood from Erle River High School achieved one of the top ranks in the Grade 7 – 9 Caring for Our Watershed contest for 2010. Her plan looks at the problem of water depletion in Milk River.

Maya Degrood’s concern about the abuse of water within the town limits by households led her to outline how much water can be saved by simply switching to a low flow showerhead. Maya wanted to give each household in Milk River a low flow showerhead to reduce overall water usage of treated water.

Maya presented her idea at the Community Stewardship Forum on February 24th, 2011.

After receiving recognition for the idea, 30 low-flow shower heads were purchased and distributed to the community during the forum, as an initiative to promote the changes we can do to help our environment.