Ripple Effect Challenge

Ripple Effect Challenge

Meet the Bee’s Green Team from Herndon, Virginia! They improved their local watershed by installing purple martin towers at their school and in the community. Purple martins play a vital role in improving the biodiversity of ecosystems around the world.

What can YOU do to improve your local watershed?

Saria from Colorado, USA improved her watershed by installing bat boxes in walking trails and natural areas across the city. These bat boxes will provide clean, safe homes for critically endangered little brown bats which play an important role in the local ecosystem.

What can you do to improve your watershed California?

These students from Manitoba, Canada are creating positive ripples in their community by making their favourite sport more sustainable!

What can YOU do to improve your local watershed?

Biodiversity is essential for a healthy watershed! With this knowledge, Simran, a student in Alberta, Canada, implemented a project to improve biodiversity at her local school.

The Caring for our Watersheds Ripple Effect Challenge is off to Manitoba next!

How many teens do you know who have created their own aquaponics system running entirely on solar energy? This California student is growing food and making a positive difference in his community. Check out how he did it here.

Through the Caring for our Watersheds Ripple Effect Challenge, Hank challenges students in Ohio!

How much garbage can you fit inside a canoe without it sinking?
More than you might think! Check out these students in Manitoba who are determined to clean up the Sturgeon Creek and have a fun day on the water!

California!! Are you up for a Ripple Effect Challenge??

How many plastic water bottles do you throw out in a year? Emily Jackson from Alberta is making a difference in her school, one bottle at a time.

The Caring for our Watersheds Ripple Effect Challenge is off to Manitoba next!

Kaylee and Rebecca are Calgary, Alberta students, and they are improving their local watershed by providing free mulch to their community. Using mulch benefits gardens while also conserving water and decreasing the use of pesticides and herbicides.

California, you’ve been challenged!

Haylee and Emelie from Greeley, Colorado took up the challenge to improve their watershed. They built a rain garden at their school because it helps decrease pollution from run-off and keeps sediment out of their water system.

What can you do to create a positive impact on your watershed Saskatchewan?

Say hi to Julia and Jasmine from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! These girls took action in their watershed by creating Squeaky Green, an organic and Triclosan free bathroom products to reduce the levels of Triclosan in the watershed. They also offer a wonderful recipe book that teaches students the problems with Triclosan and how to make their own Squeaky Green!

Download the Squeaky Green Recipe Book

What can you do to improve your watershed Colorado?

Did you know that excessive use of pesticides can have harmful affects on your watershed? Erin from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, realized this took the challenge to improve her local watershed. She improved her watershed by creating bat boxes to lessen the bug population and to educate students about the watershed and bats within it.

What can you do to improve your watershed Alberta?

Meet Mia and Brooklyn from Ponoka, Alberta, improved their local watershed by putting up bird boxes in two of their local golf courses. The bird boxes will help attract more birds, who will help keep the insect population in check. With less insects, the golf courses won’t have to use as many pesticides, keeping them out of their watershed!

What can you do to improve your watershed Colorado?

Ana from Greeley, Colorado, improved her watershed by putting up bat boxes in her area. These bat boxes will give bats a safe place to stay. The bats will reduce the amount of insects in the area naturally, rather than having to rely on pesticides, which can make their way into the local watershed.

What can you do to improve your watershed Manitoba?

This Manitoba student is improving her watershed one fingernail at a time. Virginia, are you up to the Ripple Effect Challenge?