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School Garden and Outdoor Classroom

2016, Carman, Manitoba, Canada

“Agriculture plays a large role in the Boyne River Watershed,” so Bailey felt it was important for School Garden and Outdoor Classroom Student Implementation Manitoba
“the students of Carman Collegiate to have a basic understanding and knowledge of how agricultural practices impact their water and watershed.” As Bailey wrote, “Farm run-off is a main concern to the water quality of the Boyne River Watershed. If more people are educated on the topic, more people will have the watershed in mind and will voice their concerns.”

Bailey proposed an outdoor learning environment at Carman Collegiate, consisting of an outdoor garden and classroom. Thanks to Nutrien, Bailey and her fellow students have created a place where students can learn “the basics of gardening, and farming and also concerns involving agriculture and the watershed.” This outdoor space ties in nicely to the school’s Agriculture class and is helping to create a new generation of “better informed future farmers.”