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Zapping the Zebras

2016, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

Although zebra mussels “are a Zapping Zebras Manitoba Student Projectrelatively new problem to Lake Winnipeg, as they were only confirmed in 2013” Brownyn felt it was important to raise awareness- and fast. “They reproduce extremely quickly and can rapidly invade new areas; the female zebra mussel lays approximately one million eggs in a year!” Zebra mussels create plenty of problems for water bodies, causing “millions of dollars of damage to the Great Lakes area alone.”

Since “the main way to prevent invasive species from invading Manitoba’s waters to clean any watercraft or water-related equipment that enters Manitoba waters,” Browyn decided to focus on an awareness campaign and boat wash at a popular dock in her community. Thanks to a contribution from Nutrien, she was able to do just that- her awareness campaign focused on preventing the spread of zebra mussels, along with water reduction tips and environmentally friendly boat wash, all for the sake of a healthy lake.