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My Friend the Hummingbird

implementation of my friend the hummingbird2017 Tres Sargentons, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N°3 Tres Sargentos: Students: Franco Antonio Guarna, Braian Nahuel Cuevas

implementation of my friend the hummingbirdThe aim of this project is to encourage the return of native birds, by reforesting the Tres Sargentos town with native trees and shrubs. The project focuses on the hummingbird as an emblematic species. The students built a place for the growth of plants that attract birds and create lots of seedlings that, in time, will become trees that attract hummingbirds.

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2017, San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sagrada Familia Highschool of San Andrés de Giles: Valeria Manion, Milagros Maciel, Manuela Roldán, Jana Gold

This project proposes thinking and designing a classroom model with the characteristics that 21st century education spaces should have. The project takes place in a real context in which the school must move from its current facility and has the opportunity to project the new education facility from scratch. The design of this classroom, taken as part of the whole school project, is presented by the 6th form students as a challenge to incorporate some aspects related to the new methods and learning areas. So,as a starting point, they supplied information of sustainable architecture as well as light, sound quality, energy, the dynamics of classroom shapes and related green areas , with posters around the school; all things that can be applied in the new building.

implementation of AVS XXI implementation of AVS XXI implementation of AVS XXI

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ecoclub implementation2017, San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Los Robles of San Andrés de Giles: Students: Federico Trombetta, Juan Martín Orionello

This project brings back the idea of creating environmental clubs, presented last year by Sagrada Familia Highschool. The origin of this project derives from the action taken by the 6th form students of the school that guided and supported research and development of all the projects presented this year in Caring for Our Watershed contest. To keep up with this initiative the proposal was to make it  official by giving it a name: ECOCLUB Los Robles.

ecoclub implementationThe aim is to create a place for investigation, debates, creative solutions for issues and problems regarding the Areco basin. They make t-shirts with natural dyes for club members and they also create a blog with more information:

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The Smart Spotlight

smart spotlight implementation2017, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EE Technical N° 1 of Carmen de Areco: Students: Lautaro Romero, Nicolas Susseret, Agostina Guerrero

smart spotlight implementation

This project is about using intelligent lighting in the laboratory. The proposed technology is based on the use of an Arduino system such as Microcontrollers, LED lamps and light sensors and intensity regulators applied on the fishbowl. The aim of the system is to work with renewable energies to manage the duration of light and shadow in the fish tank.


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Recovering Our Streams

recovering our streams action project2017 Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N°2 “Mariano Moreno” of Carmen de Areco: Students: Fátima Gonzalez

This project proposes to intervene a 1000m area on the bank of “Los Ranchos” stream, the source of the Areco river basin. The objective is to design a conservation and restoration model of the ecosystem of this riverbank. The area of intervention has been modified by anthropic activity and the proposal tends to create conditions that propriate the growth and multiplication of fish species present in the area. The area will be taken as a model to present to  the riverbank owners of the Areco river basin as an opportunity to contribute with the production of biodiversity.

recovering our streams action projectThis project attracted the attention of many institutions that want to collaborate: It’s a collaborative project that´s being done together with the University of San Antonio de Areco (UNSAdA), University of Lujan(UNlu)  and it’s being used as a Thesis of a Student, Matias Etchart, from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). This is going to be a long – term project with more work to come.

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ecospace student photo2017, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EESl N°1 Nacional of San Antonio de Areco: Students: Patricio Espinoza, Jeremias Nahuel Nievas

This project proposes to create a space, within the school premisses, in which students can come in contact with renewable energies and its relationship with environmental care and global warming.

ecospace implementation

They found a busy place where lots of students pass everyday that now its illuminated by photovoltaic solar energy system and have dynamic panels with information of interest on the proposed topic. The information have visual and digital format so that students can see and carry the information in their electronic devices.

In addition, they propose this place as a reservoir of information prepared by teachers and students from this highschool, that can be shared with other schools within the basin.


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2017, Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N°2 “Mariano Moreno” of Carmen de Areco: Student: Paula Perez Bianchi

This project is based on robotic and artificial intelligence technologies. At its first stage,Paula developed a robotic module that meets the irrigation needs of a garden. The system uses Arduino microcontrollers and an artificial intelligence node in charge of learning the different biological conditions to be able to make irrigation decisions based on soil moisture and plant demand.

The University of San Antonio de Areco (UNSAdA) sponsored a trip to the student to participate.


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App Life

2017, San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

app lifeEET N°1 of San Andrés de Giles. Students: Tomás Pellegrini,Valentina Miranda, Joaquín Coarasa, Cecilia Yucra Ramos.

This project suggests the creation of an application for mobile devices that warns about agrochemical spraying in the local areas and rural schools of the Areco river basin.This application is called APP VIDA, and has already been developed to be executed on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This project is an easy and effective solution to a current problem of high social impact in the basin surroundings.

  • Status: The students have created the platform and are waiting for the Municipality to administer the rest of the information required for launch.
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Notes of Nature

implementation of notes of nature2016 San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  •  EES N°2 Escuela Pannunzio, San Antonio de Areco.

The project proposed the realization of an educational mural on the walls of the school that represents the harmony and beauty of nature accompanied by musical concepts.

implementation of notes of natureFour murals were painted along the wall, which form a musical circuit, intertwining nature, the seasons, and the different pictorial art styles.

Each visual narration represent the magnificence of a musical work in 4 meters in length, and the flora and fauna are represented inside.

This is now a place that reminds the students every day of caring for the whole World.

implementation of notes of nature

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Musical Nature

implementation of musical nature2016, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • EESTN°2 . Escuela Pannunzio, San Antonio de Areco.

The project proposes to compose a melody inspired by nature in a collaborative way with students from other places. The project was carried out with the help of a composer specialized in collaborative musical composition, called Hernán Alzieri.