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Recovering Our Streams

recovering our streams action project2017 Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N°2 “Mariano Moreno” of Carmen de Areco: Students: Fátima Gonzalez

This project proposes to intervene a 1000m area on the bank of “Los Ranchos” stream, the source of the Areco river basin. The objective is to design a conservation and restoration model of the ecosystem of this riverbank. The area of intervention has been modified by anthropic activity and the proposal tends to create conditions that propriate the growth and multiplication of fish species present in the area. The area will be taken as a model to present to  the riverbank owners of the Areco river basin as an opportunity to contribute with the production of biodiversity.

recovering our streams action projectThis project attracted the attention of many institutions that want to collaborate: It’s a collaborative project that´s being done together with the University of San Antonio de Areco (UNSAdA), University of Lujan(UNlu)  and it’s being used as a Thesis of a Student, Matias Etchart, from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). This is going to be a long – term project with more work to come.