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ecoclub implementation2017, San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Los Robles of San Andrés de Giles: Students: Federico Trombetta, Juan Martín Orionello

This project brings back the idea of creating environmental clubs, presented last year by Sagrada Familia Highschool. The origin of this project derives from the action taken by the 6th form students of the school that guided and supported research and development of all the projects presented this year in Caring for Our Watershed contest. To keep up with this initiative the proposal was to make it  official by giving it a name: ECOCLUB Los Robles.

ecoclub implementationThe aim is to create a place for investigation, debates, creative solutions for issues and problems regarding the Areco basin. They make t-shirts with natural dyes for club members and they also create a blog with more information: ecoclucCLR.blogspot.com.ar.