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2017, San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sagrada Familia Highschool of San Andrés de Giles: Valeria Manion, Milagros Maciel, Manuela Roldán, Jana Gold

This project proposes thinking and designing a classroom model with the characteristics that 21st century education spaces should have. The project takes place in a real context in which the school must move from its current facility and has the opportunity to project the new education facility from scratch. The design of this classroom, taken as part of the whole school project, is presented by the 6th form students as a challenge to incorporate some aspects related to the new methods and learning areas. So,as a starting point, they supplied information of sustainable architecture as well as light, sound quality, energy, the dynamics of classroom shapes and related green areas , with posters around the school; all things that can be applied in the new building.

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