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Building Local Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens 2017 Student Action Ontario2017, Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

In 2017, Paige Palmer a grade eight student at Hillcrest Public School proposed the idea of building a rain garden, and placed 3rd overall. The idea being that the garden would help to mitigate the amount of runoff entering the local waterway.

She picked a spot in her local community of Campbellford where roads surround the entire perimeter of the canal. After a rain fall the water off of these roads can wash things like sand and salt but can also wash car oils, dirt, animal waste. This then enters directly into the canal and can cause issues.

The project was completed in June of 2017, with the help of her classmates at Hillcrest Public School. She is implementing this rain garden as a solution to storm water problems in her local community, to reduce the amount of runoff going directly from the roads into the local canal, in hopes to improve the water quality.