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Pollinator Garden (Lasagna Garden)

Pollinator (Lasagna) Garden Student Action Ontario2017, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

In 2017, three students; Xavier Nickerson, Samuel Beylerian, and Félix Brouillard from École Secondaire Marc-Garneau Public Elementary School, proposed the idea to build a lasagna garden. They wanted to build the garden in their school yard to help attract more native species to the area.

The lasagna garden is composed of several different layers, first you must dig 4 inches down and place edging around it. Then the layers are as follows; cardboard, straw, garden fertilizer, compost, aged manure mix with compost, and finally soil.

Pollinator (Lasagna) Garden Student Action Ontario

Once the garden had been created the students planted native flowers in the garden to attract native species of birds and butterflies. The completion of this project will aid in supporting bees and other pollinating species to thrive once again.

The boys placed 4th overall, and their project was implemented in June 2017, with the help of the student’s classmates