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Let’s Keep our Bees Buzzin’

2017, Campbellford, Ontario, CanadaBee box student action Ontario

In, 2017, two students Caroline Clltherow and Gillian Forestell both from St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School in Campbellford, proposed the idea of building bee boxes, placing 5th overall.

They wanted to educate people on the declining bee population, and educate people on the issue that without bees other animals, and humans would not be able to survive.  They will be planting perennials so that it will not cost money every year to plant more flowers. They handed out posters throughout their school, as well as around the Campbellford area. The poster helped to inform the public on what their goal was, and included a package of flower seeds to enable the general public to start on a bee box of their very own.

The project will play a key role in educating the public about the importance of bees, and a better understanding of how they can help repopulate the bees within our local watershed.

This project was implemented and completed in 2017.