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The Sacramento River Watershed is the largest watershed in California and covers 27,000 square miles from the Oregon border to the Delta. As one of the largest watersheds in the United States, it serves as an important source of drinking water and recreation as well as a vital economic artery for commerce and agriculture. Therefore, preserving and maintaining its water quality is crucial.

(Sacramento River Watershed Program)


Sacramento River Watershed Resources:

Sacramento River Watershed Program 
– Comprehensive site focused on Sacramento River watershed

Sacramento Bee Supplement 2008
– Educational supplement about Sacramento River watershed-designed for young students

Yolo County Resource Conservation District
-Welcome to the Watershed Publication and other info on conservation issues

State of California Dept. of Conservation/ Division of Land Resource Protection Watershed Program-Watershed Portal

Sacramento County Department of Water
– Stormwater quality, drinking water

Sacramento Suburban Water District
– Water Conservation tips

Solano County Water Agency
– Conservation: Habitat, Water, Invasive Species

Sacramento River Watershed Map file: http://sacriver.org/images/srw_map_poster.gif

California Water Myths
– Interactive site describing each myth with pictures, video and further reading

California Water Myths – Full Report and Summary Report
– California faces enormous challenges in establishing a sustainable path for water resource management. This study highlights eight common water myths, focusing on water supply, ecosystems, and legal and governance issues.

Per Capita Urban Water Use in CA – Interactive Map
– This interactive map presents estimates of urban water use (in gallons per person per day) for the state’s major hydrologic regions. Roll over each region for a summary of population and per capita water use for selected years since 1960.

Waterwise Pest Control Program – City of Sacramento Stormwater Quality Improvement Program
– Commonly used garden pesticides can often runoff into storm drains and local waterways, threatening their health and quality. The Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership, the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, and the UC Master Gardeners work together to provides residents with information on safe, effective and practical alternatives for pest control.

Pollution Solutions – City of Sacramento Stormwater Quality Improvement Program

Ideas for Auto care, Home care, Lawn care, Animal care, and Trash disposal EPA Environmental Kids Club
– Wide range of resources

EPA Climate Change for Kids

EPA Climate Change – What you can do
– Students, educators and school administrators can all play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here is a directory of some education and action planning resources to help you:

Water Cycle
– highlights the four stages: rain, water storage, vapor, clouds

Energy Ed Resources

NASA Climate Change

Project Budburst
– A national phenology and climate change field campaign for citizen scientists

USGS Water

Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center.

Izaak Walton League of America: Defender of Soil, Air, Woods, Water, and Wildlife
– Has cool publications like “How to Build a Raingarden”  and much more!

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Sacramento River

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Sacramento River