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The Energizer Bunny Recycles Too

2018, Berthoud Colorado, USA

Colorado Battery Collection Student Action

Tori Dellwardt, Tyler Adams, Samantha Mulder, Everett Baskall, Berthoud High School

The team of Tori, Tyler, Samantha and Everett researched battery recycling and found that over 180,000 tons of batteries are tossed into landfills every year.

CO Cheque student group

To offset this problem, they placed battery recycling stations in local schools, library and grocery store.  Along with the recycling stations, they hung and distributed posters to advertise the recycling sights.  Within the first month, a total of 410 batteries were recycled.  At Turner Middle school, they collected over 300 batteries.  Interestingly, the Berthoud Library only collected 4 batteries.

The total cost of the project was only $150 which makes it a simple reproducible idea throughout Colorado.