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The Bees Knees

2018, Greeley, Colorado, USACO Bees Knees Presentation Student Action CO

S.Greta Krombholz, Greeley Central High School

Greta realized that everyone is being told that we must save the bees.  However, most people don’t understand why this is a critical concern for today. Her goal was to educate the community about the bee problem and plant bee friendly plants.  Greta developed a pamphlet with facts about about local bees and how to take care of the garden.

Bees Knees Greta and Cheque

 She combined the pamphlet with a package of seeds for plants that are bee friendly and distributed these around Greeley. Each packet of seeds contained marigold, lavender, sunflower and poppy seeds for planting.

For a small budget of $165, Greeley will have gardens full of bee friendly plants this summer.