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Rainwater Collection and Reuse

completed vertical garden2018 Capitan Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Escuela de Educación Técnica n° 1 de Capitán Sarmiento. Students: Franco Otaegui, Lautaro Reynoso, Matías del Pardo, Oriana Castillo Fredes

The project developed a rainwater collection and filtration system for the school roofs. The water recycling of this system is used in a first stage to irrigate a vertical garden built by students in an external schoolyard. This space will be used as a classroom open to the study of nature.

The students received mentoring and collaboration from Arq. Julieta Sacher y la Arq. Laura Valda.

vertical garden construction

*This project received the donation of some plants from “LAM garden”, “Pamela Picardi garden”, and participation and help from the students families.