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Path Found & Something More than a Mural

mural student action2018 San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N°5, San Antonio de Areco. Students: Yamile Cobe, Ayelén Landa, Jimena Iserino, Rocío Micaela Fava

This Project is a prolongation of last year’s project “Music of Nature” proposed by 1st year students, of this school, at the Caring for Our Watersheds program 2018, and which was embodied in the form of a mural in which the four seasons of the year and nature come together with music and different pictorial styles.

mural student actionOn this basis, the new Project adds two new initiatives aimed at creating a space of convergence between art and the care of nature within the institution. To achieve this, students proposed, with the help of artists, to create an external classroom around the “Music of Nature” mural, and also, create an art intervention, in part of the school’s main playground, with recycled parts. Both spaces suggest a modern dynamic in its contents, updated throughout the year with pupils’ ideas.