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Bee Gardens to Promote the Growth of Our Watershed

2018, Berthoud, Colorado, USA

Bee Gardens CO Student Action

Meghan Lucero, Riley Lundgreen, Kelden Cook, Berthoud High School

Erosion and invasive species can be harmful to a watershed because it can destroy soil and use large amounts of water.

In Colorado, Canadian Thistle and Russian Olive can completely replace a natural species.  Bees can help these problems as they help pollinate native species which decreases the invasive species in the area.

CO Bee Gardens Student Action

 Their project was to create a bee garden that would help increase the population of bees near their school.  Meghan, Riley and Kelden created a 20×8 foot garden behind their school in Berthoud that contained perennial bee friendly plants.  The resulting garden should increase the bee population in the area while increasing native plants.