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Milk River Stabilization Project

2011 Milk River, Alberta, Canada

Jessie Tollestrup, an Erle Rivers student, submitted a proposal to Caring for our Watershed contest. Her proposal was on bank stabilization due to erosion problems on the Milk River. She proposed building willow wattle fences at a location where stream banks are being eroded. She would work with MRWCC staff to choose a volunteer day to construct a wattle fence. Jessie placed 3rd at the final competition at Calgary Zoo May 3rd, 2011 and was awarded $500. Nutrien also awarded implementation dollars for this project. The implementation dollars ($3,500) were in the care of the MRWCC to help Jessie implement her project. Alberta Conservation Association sponsored $2,000 and County of Warner sponsored $500 towards the project implementation. Some of the construction materials were donated by Jamie Meeks and Barry Snow, residents of the Milk River Watershed Council Canada.

The Milk River Watershed Council Canada implemented this project October 28th, 2011. The implementation took place on SE27-2-17W4. 19 volunteers helped with the implementation by using soil bioengineering, an applied science that uses live plant materials to control soil erosion on the river bank.

We wish to thank all volunteers and sponsors for their support.