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2015 Berthoud, Colorado, USA

students with chequeThe students of Berthoud High School noticed that lights in the school are left on all the time – even if there is no one inside the room. They wanted to make a difference, so the students installed motion-triggered light switches in bathrooms around the school. The lights go on when a person enters the bathroom and after 5 minutes the lights turn off. This helps the school to save money and electricity; reducing their environmental impact by using less fossil fuels, and allowing the school to use the additional funds for other important items around the school and community.

Since implementing the new light system, the lights in the bathrooms have been off 25% more than before! The motion sensored light switch may be a small-scale project but it is a great start for saving energy and reducing associated costs. Buildings around the world could easily implement the same project, but on an even bigger scale.

Becoming environmentally friendly can benefit everyone!