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Beautiful Bee Box

2015 Berthoud, Colorado, USA

students with chequeThis duo has installed a pair of Italian honey bee hives near the foothills of Loveland. The reason they chose to implement this idea is to do with both the declining population of the honey bee as well as the recent flooding that has occurred in the Thompson River watershed. Due to the fact that honey bees are responsible for over 80% of vegetation pollination they essentially allow plants to produce and spread faster, thus helping ensure that growth occurs where it was washed near the river. This will prevent the amount of soil erosion around rivers and help keep the water cleaner.
The benefit to raising the bee population in North America, specifically the Midwest, is to ensure a greener landscape with more vegetation, assisting in cleaning both the air as well as the water in the Little Thompson watershed. A large amount of vegetation around a body of water prevents the amount of soil erosion entering the body of water, and keeps the water cleaner.