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Floating Away Eutrophication

2016, Virden, Manitoba, CanadaEutrophication student implementation manitoba

Laura Wallace noticed that her local lake, Oak Lake, “is a sad sight due to eutrophication. It has been coated with green sludge called algae- which has sent residents and vacationers running for the hills. Hiding among the green goop is blue green algae, which can be toxic to humans. Oak Lake, from time to time, has had to close the beach due to health concerns.”

Clearly, it was time for a change, and Laura had an innovative idea: to build a floating cattail pond called a bio-platform to absorb phosphorus and other nutrients in the water, leading to less algae and safer water. In partnership with her local Conservation District and thanks to a contribution from Nutrien, Laura has been hard at work building her bio-platform, which will be launched at the local beach. As Laura shared, “the small changes I hope to achieve could lead to long term success, and I think many Oak Lake residents and animals will be thankful and supportive of my effort to clean up their home.”