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Environmental Sustainability: Awareness (2)

2014 Solis, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This project proposes a solution to the problem of classifying and separating garbage in a small town called Solis. The students proposed an awareness campaign that outlined the benefits of separating garbage at schools and at home. They started within the school by visiting every class, and explaining the benefits of separating garbage and how to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials.

The students also proposed to create a database of the quantity of garbage produced by the school. This would be broken down by weight of the garbage, and categorized by organic and inorganic waste. This database would illustrate the reduction of landfill garbage over time, and hopefully influence students and staff to start separating garbage in their own homes as well.

The awareness campaign broadened its scope when it was highlighted by the local radio station. Previous to the launch of this campaign, Caring For our Watershed’s brought in an expert on communication and media advertisement to explain and help the students to prepare their own campaign.

The students also received 2 different coloured bags to distribute throughout town, and further help the community to separate their organic and inorganic materials too. The students began distribution with restaurants, stores and family homes.

The mayor of the town is even getting more involved with their idea, and the hope is that the entire town will start separating their garbage.