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Campus Trash and Recycling Bins

Students standing around bins
Tokay High School students Kendra Goudie, Harmandeep Batth, Prabhleen Kaur, Conner Gallo are involved in the Sustainability Committee for the NorCal Science Festival, an event held annually at their school. They realized that actions focused on sustainability for the event can also promote positive environmental behaviors year-round on their campus. Their Caring for Our Watersheds project seeks to prevent the flow of litter into the storm drains that lead to the river from Tokay High. The group did an analysis of the waste disposal system on campus and found that there are very few trash receptacles and no recycling bins in areas of high student occupancy at mealtime. Through this analysis and prior clean-up events, they also identified areas on campus with the most littering issues. To address the issues, the team purchased upcycled wine barrels to utilize as trash and recycling receptacles. They will also install signage to encourage use and show students which items can be placed in the barrels. In addition, the group also plans on co- sponsoring “Litterati” clean-up challenges, in partnership with the City of Lodi, to promote a litter-free campus through student behavior and action.