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Ducks Unlimited Bake Sale

2016, Bashaw, Alberta, Canada

Bailie McDonald in Bashaw wanted toDucks Unlimited Bake sale Bailie with baked goods student action projects help protect her watershed by protecting wetlands. She learned that wetlands are important habitat for lots of animals, help improve water quality, and help store water for dry times.

Bailie wasn’t sure how she could protect a wetland, but knew that Ducks Unlimited did lots of great work in her area, including a site called the Pileated Project near her home.

After discussing her desire to help protect wetlands with her family, Bailie decided that one thing she could do was to bake some yummy treats and host a bake sale at her school. The money she raised could then be donated to Ducks Unlimited to help with their Pileated Project.

The bake sale raised $200 which was then matched with the Caring for our Watersheds implementation funding. She presented the $400 cheque to Ducks Unlimited staff and volunteers at a local event. 

This project proves that no matter a person’s background skills, they are able to help improve their watershed!