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What’s the Buzz

2017, Berthoud, Colorado, USAcontest winners cfw colorado whats the buzz

Delaney and Emma identified a lack of interactive and educational games available to students online that teaches the current situation regarding bee populations in their watershed.  To solve this problem, the students designed an online game that raises awareness and the positive steps that can be taken to help protect the honeybees in the area.

The main character in the game is Buzz the Bee.  Buzz flies through several backgrounds and landscapes point out to game users the different positive and negative effects in the environment that can support or harm bees.  The players then experience a series of educational questions that help them recognize the relationship of bees and human life.  The what the buzz student project game coloradoanswers to the questions are recorded and a final report is give at the end of the game.  Players can then use this score to identify how they can better help the bees in the watershed.  The game can be found at: http://whatsthebzzz.com/