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Wetland Aeration System

2014 Wainwright, Alberta, Canada
Ben Brunen 1
Ben Brunen of Wainwright Alberta wanted to help protect wetlands and the aquatic life that depend on them in his home town.  After discussions with local biologists and the Town of Wainwrights’ Park and Recreation department, he decided that the best way to do that was install an aeration system in one of the main waterbodies in town.

The wetland Ben focused on was in Wallace park, in the heart of Wainwright.  A popular place for residents and visitors alike, the wetland water quality and aquatic life had been suffering with increased algae, due to lack of oxygen in the pond. Because of the pond’s condition, fish were not able to survive, taking away a popular summer-time activity for Wainwright’s residents: recreationalBen Brunen 2 fishing.   Having an aeration system would help the wetland as the fish and other aquatic life depend on oxygen, often depleted by high algae levels.

Ben, the youth representative of the town’s Parks and Recreation board, had the Town of Wainwright help support half of the project costs to buy an aeration system.  The Parks and Recreation board emphasize supporting local companies, so they naturally turned to Art Matthews of Wainwright Plumbing and Heating to design and install the aeration system. The system was installed in early summer of last year.

The system has been very successful in increasing oxygen in the water, supporting an increase in aquatic life and decreasing algae, while adding to the pleasing aesthetics of Wallace park. An article in Wainwright’s newspaper in May of 2014 reported that the system is still functioning perfectly, and trout populations are healthy, allowing for recreational fishing to begin at the start of summer.