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We NEED to recycle batteries, not throw them away

2015, Trenton, Ontario, CanadaON Battery Recycling Student Action

Mason Demczyna and Max Towers, grade 7 students from Murray Centennial Public School won third place for their “We need to recycle batteries not throw them away” proposal.

Mason and Max’s idea was to educate students and parents in their school community about the issue of improper disposal of batteries and organize a battery collection week at their school.  The goal of their project is to reduce the number of people that don’t know what to do with their dead batteries and decrease the amount of batteries not being recycled properly.

ON Battery Recycling FinalistsMason and Max have already held a battery drive at their school where they collected approximately $4,000 batteries. As they are in grade 7 they will be returning to Murray Centennial in the fall of 2015 and plan to hold several battery drives in the 2015-2016 school year.  Caring for our Watersheds implementation funding will be used to print educational materials promote the importance of recycling batteries and their collection program.