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Water Filtration on Campus

2019, Sacramento, California, USA

Alayne Voss and Rachel Lipetti, students at George Washington Carver School of Arts and Sciences, were concerned about the amount of plastic waste on campus, especially that of single- use plastic water bottles. Their original proposal called for a hydration station to be installed in the lobby by the office at school.

When they were unable to get approval from the district for that location, they proposed a new plan so students could have access to filtered water to fill their reusable water bottles. Alayne and Rachel installed filters on faucets in each of the science classes at school, which are equipped with sinks. Even though they hit a roadblock with their original plan, during the implementation of their project, they realized that having several locations would actually serve the student body better. Funding from Caring for Our Watersheds helped to purchase the filtration systems and replacement filters for the units