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Wall Intervention

2014, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The students form The San Antonio de Areco High School N°4 proposed to enhance a blank school with art. These art pieces express methods of recycling, managing environmental impact, and educating/raising awareness of our impact on the environment. To represent all of these ideas the students created 2 sections on the wall.wall intervention 1

The first part of the wall focuses on sustainable production, and includes an area for composting leftovers from student lunches. This compost is eventually used to provide nutrients to a vertical green garden on the wall that is made from plastic pipes. The vertical garden is also being watered by a drip-irrigation system that collects rainwater from the rain barrel and distributes it.

The second portion of the wall consists of artistic drawings of nature, and also includes biodiversity information that can be captured with students’ cell phones through a QR code.