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Using Every Last Drop

2018, Greeley, Colorado, USA

Every Last Drop Student Action

Hanna Knoedler, Northridge High School

When students decide to use paint, they have a hard time determining the correct amount of paint needed which results in them taking too much.  When there is paint left over at the end of class, that paint is being wasted by throwing it away or dumping it down the drain. As more paint is disposed down the drain it begins to clog the system and creates a problem for the
wastewater treatment plant.  Using a measuring device, limits the specific amount of paint taken by students.

CO Every Last Drop Final Competition

In addition, collecting the unused paint by color can be used prior to getting paint from the main source.  Hanna incorporated paint pumps into the art class. She also created a paint filter using and embroidery ring and a coffee filters for unused paint.

The entire budget for saving paint and keeping the sinks clear was only $182.