Topics to Consider

    • Cultural Eutrophication
    • Risks of over fertilizing yards and fieldsĀ  *suggested resource
    • Pesticides washing into waters and harming aquatic organisms *suggested resource
    • Where to dispose of used oil and oil filters/ illegal disposal of used oil
    • Accidental oil spillspollution
    • Waste management
    • Littering
    • The importance of picking up after pets
    • Littering and illegal dumping of large household items etc. (around/in creeks and elsewhere)
    • Improper disposal of a hazardous waste
    • Air pollution from automobiles, home and industry
    • Leaks from cars, trucks leading to surface and ground water contamination
    • Heavy metal pollution from used batteries ending up in landfills
    • Water contamination through home car washes
    • Soil washed from construction sites (without proper sediment barriers) into streams

Student Action Examples:
No More Trash Talking
The Prevention of Eutrophication and Soil Erosion
Hazardous Households: Is Yours One?
Electric Hand Dryers and Waste Management