Land Use and Development

Topics to Consider

    • Protection of riparian areas around rivers and creeksLand Use and Development
    • Excessive use of river banks causing erosion and degradation
    • Livestock being able to drink and walk through creeks, rivers and wetlands
    • Increased water demand for oil and gas production
    • Increased water demand for municipal growth
    • More water licenses available than water available in drought years
    • Storm water from towns and cities entering creeks and rivers without treatment
    • Impact of impermeable surfaces like cement, asphalt, rooftops etc. on our waterways (i.e. run-off leads to erosion and washes pollutants into water)
    • Threats to pollinators
    • Roads and bridges causing erosion of creeks and rivers
    • Effect of septic systems on groundwater

Student Action Examples:
Riparian Restoration
Storm “Drain” Gardens
Pollinators for the Watershed
Riparian Repair and Filtration System Project