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Riparian Repair and Filtration System Project

2015 Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

“Riparian areas act as natural filters for the water going through them,” wrote Gimli High School students with willowsstudent Meghan. “My hope is that by creating or enhancing a riparian area in an already existing body of water that leads to the lake I can reduce the negative impact of some of the water entering the lake.”

Meghan’s idea is an important one to the Interlake communities surrounding Lake Winnipeg. Indeed, through partnerships with Nutrien, the East Interlake Conservation District, and Ducks Unlimited Canada, to name a few, over 1500 willows were planted in a riparian area.  These willows will play an important role in soil erosion, and the filtration of water going to the lake. Moreover, thanks to Meghan this project demonstrates the power of partnerships!