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Run Off
The Runoff film was important for Brendon Lowry to make because oil runoff is such an important issue, but is not brought up very often. He felt that what is often discussed is air pollution, and wanted to raise more awareness about this other type of pollution. The film he made shows that oil runoff is damaging our watershed.

The film that he did was actually broken up into two sections. The first section of the film was a video about oil runoff, while the second was set up as interviews. He did interviews with several people discussing the importance of addressing oil runoff and asked them if they believed that it was an important issue.

Brendon thought it was very important for consumers to understand the damage caused by oil runoff. The use of motor oil is one of the largest sources of pollution into his watershed and other waterways. Oil is toxic to people, wildlife, and plants. One quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water. Americans spill 180 million gallons of used motor oil into our nation’s waterways each year. Having clean water is very important to our health and everyone benefits from clean water. We can all help in getting and keeping our watershed clean.

Run Off