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The Paper Waste Crisis

2015 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Grade 8 Class Photo
Dr. Bajaj’s grade 8 science classes discovered how they could make their classroom more environmentally friendly. The students proposed using technology to help reduce paper use in the classroom.

“One problem our environment encounters is the pollution of paper waste.  The papers we use in school and offices harm the environment. With all the ink and chemicals that are stained onto the papers, it too, poisons watersheds when not recycled or thrown away properly. Paper costs money and money comes from trees. One day, we will all be in danger when we overuse trees to harm nature as well as polluting air with the smoke that is released from paper factories.”

Thanks to a contribution from Nutrien, a document viewer was bought for the science classroom eliminating the need for so many student handouts. The document viewer is also interactive, and allows for students to get up close with nature- under the camera and in their classroom!