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Solar Panels on Camrose Composite High School

2007 Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Students Rob Grant, Emma Marentette, Heidi Johnson, Epiphany Spielman, and Morag MacMillan entered the Caring for our Watersheds contest from the Camrose Composite High School group Students for Environmental and Social Advocacy. With support from the school faculty and administration, as well as the Battle River Watershed Alliance Watershed Ambassador these students were able to turn their dreams into reality.

The dream was “Project Sustain”- a dream to have solar panels collecting the sun’s rays to supplement the non-renewable energy used by the school.

The group believed that solar energy is clean, emission free and does not require water from the Battle River to produce power. “We wanted to inspire other students at Camrose by showing that a “green” power source could make a big difference at the school” said Rob, the student coordinator of the project.

After winning 1st place in the senior high contest, the students used the $1000 award as well as money contributed from the school to purchase solar panels placed on the east side of the school’s gym wall. Since the contest the students collected more community contributions and installed close to $20,000 worth of solar collectors on the school’s roof.

“The students at Camrose continue to amaze me daily- their ideas inspire the school and the people of Camrose,” said Jim Ofrim, principal of Camrose Composite High School.