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Smarter Sprinkler Systems

smarter sprinkler colorado student implementation2017, Milliken, Colorado, USA

While researching ideas for the Caring for Our Watersheds project, Tyler, Patrick and Cameron discovered a gigantic waste of water at their high school.  The district was watering the recreational fields around the school.  They studied and analyzed the watering period, amount, location, dates, etc., and concluded the watering style was inefficient and wasteful. To solve this issue, they proposed the implementation of WR2 rain gauge sensors. These sensors would stop the watering of the fields when rain or soil saturation is abundant and additional water would be wasteful.  These sensors would not only save water, but also save money for the school, making it appealing to both environmental focused administratioColorado student project smarter sprinklern and budget focused as well.  The students worked with the school district and installed three WR2 rain gauge sensors which have reduced water usage by 30-50%.  They will be monitoring the water usage during 2017-2018 and reporting back to the school administration.