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Silence Please

2018 San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N° 1, San Antonio de Areco. Students: Aylén Lucena, Melina De Sorbo, Tomás Tapia, Martina Herediasilence please student action

This project is based on the recycling of waste materials and the impact of sounds as a health issue. It proposes to use different materials to improve the acoustic problems in the classrooms of this High School. After trying out different recycling materials, based on acoustic measures made by the students, they confirmed that this intervention is beneficial for the classrooms.

They will choose a classroom as model and will alter its walls and roof with different “layers” that will help improve the noise levels. The idea is to measure the impact of this intervention as a previous step to proposing a school-wide intervention of all the classrooms in the school.

*This project received the donation of floor from Nutrien Ag Solutions, cardboard tube, and its waiting the final approval for the class intervention.