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Shotgun Shell Recycling

2015 Greeley, Colorado, USA
students with cheque
This proposal was to educate the community about the dangers of leaving shotgun shells and other gun casings on the ground after hunting, and also the benefits of recycling the brass from the shells. To implement this project, the students provided informational pamphlets at various hunting stores within our watershed, such as Garretson’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse. Within the pamphlets there is information about the environmental dangers of leaving the shells and casings, the perks of proper disposal, and how to remove the brass from the plastic of shotgun shells. Not only do the pamphlets aim to give information about the perks of proper disposal, but also let people know that places within our Watershed will accept the brass and will even pay for it.
The environmental benefits of educating the community about the proper disposal of shotgun shells and other gun casings are having cleaner hunting grounds; the wildlife within the grounds will not be negatively impacted by the metal residue, and groundwater will be cleaner from the reduction of metal pollutants from shotgun shells and casings.