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Safe Fishing
Jack Williams, Evan Prater, and AJ Washienko hoped to use their love for fishing as a way to help their watershed. They brainstormed and thought of safer practices and equipment to use that would help to reduce the impact of fishing on the environment. The group searched for the best alternatives that would be environmentally friendly, and came across 3 products: biodegradable fishing line, tungsten weights and bronze hooks.

They decided to implement their hooks into a summer youth fishing program at Lake Isabella through Winton Woods. This would not only immediately reduce the impact due to the use of these products by many children, but more importantly, it would give us the opportunity to inform the next generation. The boys plan to give an informative talk and are in communication with Winton Woods. It is their hope that this program will be informative and influence the youth to think about the products they may choose to fish with someday.