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Replacing Flushers

2015 Landmark, Manitoba, Canada
students with new flushers
“The toilets we have in our school use 13 liters of water per flush and that’s pretty wasteful” reported students Nadia and Joe. They discovered that “all of the toilets in our school get flushed about 300 times per day and with the current toilets, each flush uses 13 liters per flush, so that’s about 3900 liters flushed per day!” Nadia and Joe proposed purchasing dual flush converters to install in the school toilets, a move that would save around 2730 liters of water every day. Best of all, their solution was easy to implement and economical.

With help from Nutrien, Nadia and Joe were able to purchase the converters so that their school could start saving water- and money. As the duo pointed out, “Why should we keep cleaning and purifying water if we can just save it?”