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Recycling Campaign

2012 Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
Maddison presentation
Maddison Wolf from Lord Selkirk Regional High school observed problems with recycling at her school; the bins were often overflowing onto the floor. She spoke to the janitorial staff found out the system in place could not handle the volume of recyclables from the school. “I did a poll of some of my peers, which revealed they were less likely to recycle when there was recycling piled onto the floor around the full recycling bin in schoolbins”. At $70, she proposed a simple solution of purchasing additional bins for the school at key locations.

“We placed the recycling bins in 2 locations next to the Pepsi drink machines. Before this the plastic drink bottles were just thrown into the garbage cans located close by. We had to empty the small bin two times week and the large bin every week. The students in the resource area were responsible for emptying the bins. This has saved a lot of bottles from entering the landfill.”