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Recycle the Present, Save the Future

2017, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Liam Recycle Student Action

Liam DeLeon from Maples Met School was awarded an environmental prize for creating a simple awareness video for youth on the achievable steps they can take to help keep their watershed healthy.

“I want to target kids that are 13 and under so that they will be able to start recycling at a very young age.  I believe that this idea will make a very positive change to our environment, because it will really bring people together in our community.”

Liam’s video was very well received at the Caring for our Watersheds finals, and he is excited to present it at various educational events happening in his community.Recycle presentation student action

“To expand the knowledge of my community, I have made plans to present to the local schools and to start with the students and the teachers. I want to visit Elementary Schools around my area where I can showcase my video to inform the citizens of Winnipeg about the problem in our watershed and how we can all come together and solve it.”

You can view Liam’s presentation here: