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Protect our Pollinators

protect the pollinators student project colorado2017, Greeley, Colorado, USA

Riley Wooten
Greeley Central High School, Greeley, Colorado

Riley decided to create a pollinator friendly environment in the City of Greeley.  Riley contacted Karen Scopel, the Natural Lands Coordinator for the City of Greeley, and selected a nature area for her proposal. The herbicide to dispose of the invasive species location is called Pumpkin Ridge which is next to the Sheepdraw trail.  The entire area has recently been burned and sprayed with “Cheatgrass”.  The goal is to increase native plant species that will also be pollinator friendly.  In addition, she installed two inset houses in the area.  The native organisms that were planted are Showy protect the pollinators student action project coloradoMilkweed, Palmer Penstemon, Butterfly Milkweed, White Clover, Purple Coneflower, Mexican Hat, Yellow Coxie Flower, White Yarrow, and Black-Eyed Susan. In April, Riley organized a group of volunteers to clean the area, sow the seeds and install the insect boxes.