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Project Wake Up

2011 Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
Meghan and cheque
Meghan Rain became interested in environmental issues when a highway was built through an untamed green space where she and the other neighborhood kids would play.  She was sad not only because they lost their play area but also because there was a fox den destroyed.  She has been determined to help the watershed ever since.

For her Caring for our Watersheds proposal, Meghan focused on the garbage and other pollution entering into the Battle River and other waterways and the impact on the animals.

“Fortunately the water we drink is cleaned and filtered but I can’t say the same for the animals. Animals of all shapes and sizes come to drink in our river; meanwhile pollutants and garbage float around inside of it.”

Meghan wrote a hip and catchy song called “Wake-Up” which educates people about the importance of keeping the waters clean.  Meghan recorded the song and has shared it via email with friends, family and with over 100 people at the CFW Final competition.