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Pollinator Planters

Greeley West High School, Greeley, Colorado, USA

Through their environmental class, Joselly Vazquez and Gabriella Lam from Greeley West High School learned about the impacts housing development has had on pollinators. Pollinators play a vital role creating and maintaining ecosystems that many animals depend on whether it’s for food and/or shelter. Almost 80% of our food and plant-based industrial products require pollination by animals. Flowering plants also play a crucial role in watersheds as they help purify water, prevent erosion, and return moisture to the atmosphere. The population of pollinators, especially bees, are decreasing due to habitat loss from increased development –and development in Greeley is continuing to grow rapidly. If local pollinators are affected, the food chain along with water quality will be compromised. To address this concern, Joselly and Gabriella upcycled filing cabinets from their school and turned them into pollinator planters which were then installed around their new school building. Joselly and Gabriella provided habitat and food source for pollinators while also preventing some filing cabinets from being thrown into the landfill. Their project contributed to Targets 6.3, 12.5, and 15.5 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Recycled filing cabinet with pollinator plants in them, planters positioned outside of school, students posing