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Of Gardens and Guys

2016 Greeley, Colorado, USAJC and cheque

J.C. Arco decided it would be a good idea to plant rain gardens in some of the public schools in the area to reduce water pollution and to help educate kids in caring for our watershed (killing two birds with one garden). The project plan is a local project, but with hope that it will encourage people to share what they’ve learned with others in the future. The targeted group is kids between grades 5-8, as they are still young enough that they are open to new ideas, easily influenced, but old enough that they can understand the reason for the project.Rain Garden

Timeline and Budget
In order to implement the project, J.C. called teachers at various local schools and scheduled meetings with them to explain his proposal. He met with Dos Rios Elementary School and planted the garden. Rain gardens are relatively inexpensive compared to some other projects averaging at about $100 per garden, depending on the types of seed and soil that is used.